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Do you charge for classes?
Nope.  Once you are a member, all regularly scheduled fitness classes are included with your membership.  Just show up and go!  For yoga, we do not provide mats, so bring your own or you can rent one for $4.  For CrossFit, we do require you to attend our instructional course for your own safety before attending classes.  It's called On Ramp. After that, CrossFit is free. More info at  Jiu Jitsu, Pilates and Personal Training have additional fees.

What is your guest policy?
We love our guests! A day pass is $14 or you can purchase a 6 punch card for $70.

How big is LifeTime?
The whole building is just under 100,000 sq ft.  LifeTime takes up about 90% of that.  The rest is taken up by other businesses.

What's the elevation of LifeTime?
5,280.2 feet above sea level.  There's even a seal in the floor by the front door. Maybe you didn't ask, but we think it's pretty nifty!

Are you part of the big LifeTime Fitness chain?
No! We are home grown by local Casper natives. Nobody tells us what to do but us, and you. We try to buy local and use local, member owned businesses for everything we need. We have just one location, for now..

Why salt water pools and jacuzzis?
The short answer: It's just better for you and your skin.
When we say salt water, we don't mean ocean salt water.  Our pools have about half the salinity of your tears.  All pools have to have a disinfectant such as chlorine.  All chlorine is made from salt, but manufactured chlorine has additives and stabilizers for safe transport and shelf life.  Our chlorine is 100% pure and natural.  After swimming in our salt water your skin will feel soft, your hair will feel silky, and you won’t have stinging eyes.  You won't even feel the need to rinse off after you get out of the pool.

What exactly is CrossFit?
Constantly Varied, Functional and Intense. Community based Group Fitness. If you're looking for something spice up your fitness routine with guaranteed results, this is where to start. You don't have to be in shape to start! You just have to be consistent and plan on putting in some hard work.

Why do I have to do On Ramp to start CrossFit?
CrossFit includes many technical movements from Olympic lifting, powerlifting and gymnastics that require substantial coaching before attempting to do on your own. These skills are taught at a basic level in On Ramp so you have the knowledge and comfort to be able to start attending classes. The biggest reason we offer On Ramp is for your safety. We pay careful attention to our athletes' health and movement patterns and hope that On Ramp will get you started on the right path.

What are the age restrictions for my kids?
0-6: Locker rooms and pools if directly supervised by a responsible person at least 18 years of age.
7-10: Locker rooms, pools, running track, basketball court and racquetball courts if directly supervised by a person at least 18 years of age.
11-13: Full club usage if directly supervised by a person at least 18 years of age.
14+: Full club usage, no supervision required.
More detailed rules can be found in the Member Handbook.

Will you raise my rates?
Since our opening in 1997, we have never raised our members' rates.  We do everything we can to keep our costs down so we can keep your rates as low as possible!