Professor:  David Vidal

Some Common Questions about BJJ at LifeTime

Do I need to be a member at Lifetime to learn Jiu Jitsu?
Yes! and what are you waiting for anyway? Lifetime is a complete fitness club that has EVERYTHING you need to become a successful athlete. Stop in and ask for a tour. One of our friendly associates will be happy to show you around and answer all your questions. Still not sure, no problem; just grab a day pass from the front desk and experience Lifetime for yourself.

Is there an additional charge for BJJ?
Of course! You don’t expect the Professor to work for free do you? Because we recognize a professional when we see one, we don’t expect him to work for free either. Professor Vidal has been teaching BJJ for more than 17 years! He gives everything he has to offer, shares his knowledge openly, and is personally invested in each one of his students. He helps people find their self-confidence, fosters a brother/sisterhood environment, and even raises up those who desire to fight on the world’s stage. Any rank you achieve here is recognized globally. This isn’t some after-school program- This is a highly sophisticated art that is delivered in a way that each and every student can learn.

What are the additional fees?
A one-time fee of $100 (registration) which includes your first punch pass can be obtained at the front desk. Thereafter $59 will buy you an additional punch pass. There are 10 classes on a punch pass and it is good for 1 year. A punch pass is GREAT for you. It means you only pay for the classes you attend. 

Do I need to take an intro class?
Not necessarily. If you haven’t had any exposure to BJJ you might enjoy an intro class. However, you do not need an intro class if you already know that you want to learn BJJ. Simply head to the front desk and tell a member of our friendly staff that you are ready to sign up for BJJ.  

What class should I attend?
Your class is called "Fundamentals" and they are Tue/Thur 6:30-7:30 regardless of your experience.

How old do you have to be to start?
Currently, we do not have a children’s program. In fact, most reputable academies do not. Here’s why: BJJ is not Karate. BJJ is not really a sport at all, rather, it is a highly tuned system of self-defense. This art requires maturity and refinement. We recommend starting at age 13. Don’t worry we’ve got your kids covered! We have a host of special summer programs designed for those under-age that can serve as a kick-starter. Parents are required to learn alongside their young ones.

Do I need a Gi (kimono)?
No, you do not need a Gi to start. You will want to purchase one within the first few weeks of training though. Generally, we have some for sale but you can buy one online if you prefer. It can be any color you like. Just make sure it is a BJJ Gi and comes with a white belt.

Is BJJ for me? Will I like it?

Cost:  First time student punch card - $100 (10 classes)
Returning Student Punch Card - $59 (10 classes)

Must be at least 15 years old to attend.  Must attend Intro Class prior to any other class.  Students wishing to continue their pursuit of BJJ should purchase a Gi, (3rd party, Amazon recommended). A mouth guard is strongly advised. If you do not own a Gi participants should wear compression clothing under a t-shirt and shorts (no pockets, buttons or zippers).

Fundamentals Class
This is a co-ed adult Jiu-Jitsu lesson. Class will last approximately 1  hour and will consist of: warm-up, stretching, a technical lesson and occasional light drilling.  This class is optimal for any student of any level and not purely beginners. 
Tues & Thurs | 6:30pm

Advanced Drill/Randori Class:
This is a co-ed adult Jiu-Jitsu drilling and training class.  It is approximately 1 hour and will consist of: conditioning, heavy drilling, repetition training and Jiu-Jitsu sharpening of every variety. Students with one stripe or fewer will drill the techniques during the live training.
Tues & Thurs | 7:30pm

Intro Class:  Free class for members.  Open to all adults interested in learning the art of Brzilian Jiu Jitsu.  Wear compression gear under your shorts and a Tshirt and plan on an exciting hour you are sure to remember! Come to any class time.