With a multitude of class options ranging from light mobility to advanced power, kids options (seasonal) to senior yoga, Studio4 Yoga at LifeTime has what you're looking for. Our RedHot Yoga is our most popular and is taught in a heated room of up to 90-100 degrees under infrared lighting.  The heat is unlike the heat you may feel in other hot yoga studios.  We offer many different styles: Original, Flow, Sculpt, Power, and more styles are always being developed.  Studio4 itself has to be seen to be appreciated.  It's a gorgeous blend of colors with rock accents and cork flooring.  Come try out a class!  

I was 170 pounds when I started Yoga at Lifetime in 2015 and I am not 130 pounds, healthy and changed forever as I also became a yoga teacher through Roots 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. I lost my unhealthy lifestyle through my changed habits, I found friends and community in this amazing gym. I am a teacher now of Yoga, teaching at Lifetime, practicing yoga every chance I have and showing my kids healthy living, creating strength and balance as I am living my dream. I was born here under the red hot lights and never left.
— Jordan

What do you need to attend class? 

Make sure you're hydrated and ready to sweat. Bring your mat; we have some to rent at the front desk if you don't have one yet.  Feel free to ask our instructor if you have questions about anything. 

Try it.  You won't regret it.


The Original RedHot Yoga. As your core temperature is raised, you will flow through balancing, core strengthening and calming postures.  More emphasis will be placed on holding postures longer and deeper.


A total body workout designed to tone and sculpt your entire body. You will incorporate light dumbbells as you move through sun salutations and other yoga postures, enabling extra length and depth in each pose. Intense, yet easy to follow, Red Hot Yoga Sculpt will compliment your current yoga practice while pushing your strength and flexibility to new levels.



This vinyassa style class incorporates the flowing postures of vinyassa with the heat and light from our infrared heaters. Increase core strength and balance while loosening your muscles as you flow through movements in the warm glow of the infrared light.

Intermediate Flow (Non Heated)

A middle of the road challenge in a non heated room.  Good for yogi’s of any level with some basic yoga experience.



The Ashtanga Primary Series is a set series of asanas (postures) intended to realign the spine, detoxify the body and build strength, flexibility and stamina. Out of the 75 set postures, Chantel will carefully choose and guide you through a shorter version of this practice. It is guaranteed to reset your mind, body, spirit. Room will be warm, but not Red Hot. Class is recommended for those with prior yoga experience and is 90 minutes in length.


A basic, fundamental class that will focus on increasing flexibility and providing you with a solid foundation for yoga. You will absolutely see improvement with range of motion issues, injury prevention and muscle recovery. This is a 60 minute class in a nonheated room.


Yin Yoga

Postures will be simple, relaxing and held for an extended period of time.  This gives the poses a chance to really make some changes deep in your connective tissues and other areas of the body that are otherwise neglected.  This class is a must for any athlete truly wanting to increase their flexibility, lower stress, and minimize their potential for injury. Class is 45 minutes in length and will be held in a warm, but not red-hot room.


A unique combination of Pilates and Yoga set to vibrant music and a warm atmosphere.   This low impact, yet high-energy workout, will improve your balance, overall strength and flexibility.  Redefine & create the body you want with pure muscle, sweat elegance & grace. Tone and strengthen the powerhouse muscles by combining the Pilates principles of core control and stabilization with yoga poses and meditation techniques.