Imagine what your life would be like if you were no longer confused or unsure about what to eat to achieve your ideal body. What If you could break free of the guilt caused by the restriction/overeating cycles that plague so many of us? Ever wondered what is “truth” in an industry so overrun by gimmicks and shams? Have you ever felt that you work so hard in the gym but never see results? Are you sick of trying every diet under the sun to no avail?

Small groups are limited to 5 participants each. Meetings will be held weekly at the group time you select. Courses run November 5 - February 2. The cost for the 12 week course is $129.00 per month.





If you are ready to find peace and balance with your nutrition, join us for our three month transformational program. At N by LifeTime you will receive:

  • An eating plan tailored to YOUR needs: weight loss, muscle gain, performance optimization

  • In depth personal nutritional counseling in a small group setting

  • Accountability and support from your coach as well as the others in your group

  • A weekly meeting time where you will be given a science based education surrounding the “why” of the program

  • All of the tools necessary to improve your body composition in a sustainable and healthy manner that will set you up to never be on a “diet” again

  • FREEDOM from worry over your food