2018 Resolutions

Another year has come and gone. Take the experience earned and lessons learned from 2017 to continue developing and growing as you move into 2018. Resolutions and goals are all the rage this time of year. They can be a good thing to get you started and motivated. But, it's important that you create goals that will ultimately reshape your lifestyle into a healthier way of living. You may have a physical goal (squat a goal weight, make it to the gym 3x/week, etc) or an internal goal (be more productive with your thoughts, be happier, etc). You will make changes in your everyday life to accommodate achieving your goal. These changes need to be perceived as permanent. The longer you can live your life in this way, the more concrete your behaviors will be and they will become your new normal behaviors. If you can do this, your goal will be achieved and you will continue down that path onto bigger goals you never dreamed of.

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