What about Nutrition?

What do you know? What don't you know?


The nutrition field is changing daily with new ideas and new research coming out. What we thought were "facts" are sometimes proven to be false. Some things we grew up knowing were bad for us have now been deemed good for us...and who knows if this will switch back and forth forever.  Knowing what to believe and who to believe is the hardest part of this industry.

What we do know... Eating whole foods that came directly from our earth without human modification is the best thing we can do. But, in this fast paced, stress filled world, it isn't that easy to find good wholesome foods at every meal.

Here's what you can do. Start by eliminating one thing that you know isn't good for your health. You can even start by cutting back with the intention of eliminating it completely in the next few months. Start reading the labels on your food or looking up the nutrition facts online for the foods you are eating. Learn what foods have in them when it comes to the macronutrients (carbs, fats and proteins) and calories. Awareness is the first step to understanding. If you're really ambitious try tracking what you're eating for a few weeks. There are apps for your phone that you can download to help you with this (we've had success with My Fitness Pal). Once you do this, you'll start to be surprised by some of the foods you may be eating (and drinking!). The meals you might assume to be unhealthy (fast foods etc) will likely have far, far more macros and calories than the foods you would assume to be healthy. Once you see it in black and white it might inspire you to choose differently what you put in your body in the future.

Let us know if you do try to make changes and how it turns out for you.