Happy New Year!
Remember that old saying "Survival of the fittest"? It's not as true anymore with all our technology and services that help us with about anything we need. Our health is not that easy. Sure you have tools that can help you track your workouts and entertain you while you do it. But, we still have to actively take care of our body by making the right decisions about what we put in it and how we use it. Now, being "the fittest" doesn't mean you can go out and catch your own food. It means you will live longer, without a bunch of meds, and be happier because you can go out and do a more variety of activities. Those who do make an effort to be better than yesterday have the best chance at achieving this.

We at LifeTime don't necessarily believe in Resolutions because they tend to be finite. We like to talk about making adjustments, physically and mentally. Believe in yourself. The only thing stopping you from getting what you want is you. Your age and your past don't actually have to define you now and what you can become. If you want it, go get it and don't let an old mindset deter you. Adjust your mindset so it aligns with what you are chasing.

The only way to advance or grow is to go to a place that's a little foreign and maybe uncomfortable. Go there until it becomes comfortable then push it a little further, then further. Before you know it, you'll be on the path to where you've always wanted. You'll have the body you've always wanted or you'll be lifting the heavy weights you never dreamed of.