What would you do if..?


..if you could go back 5 years and tell yourself one thing about your personal fitness. What would you say? Would you tell yourself to keep doing what you're doing because it'll work out? Will you tell yourself to go ahead and try that yoga class or that group power class or jump right into CrossFit because it will change how you think about fitness forever? Will you tell yourself to slow down a bit and start to enjoy the workouts? Maybe you would advise yourself of all the diets you tried but didn't benefit from.

It's interesting how much we think we know about fitness and nutrition only to have it all changed when we read a new article or watch a new show on tv hyping the new trend. If you've been around the fitness world as much as we have, you'll know that there is one certainty when it comes to fitness. There is only one thing that has stood the test of time and is possibly the most obvious truth when it comes to attaining your fitness goals, achieving the body you desire or getting your health in check. It's not easy and it takes hard work over a long period of time. You get out what you put in. No matter the method, if you stay consistent and always push yourself progressively harder each day, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Don't give up. Keep grinding.Your dreams will come true.