Happy New Year!

A look back, and a look ahead.

Quite a bit of change has happened at LifeTime over the past year. Some behind the scenes remodeling, a refinish on the parking lot, new coaches and instructors in all departments, and brand new pools - were the highlights. Both pools were given a complete remodel which consisted of new stainless steel gutters, new liners and new filters. The pool room was given a new HVAC system and a new concrete overlay on the decks. We hope you're happy with the finished product!

We've added a ton of new programs all across the board: New styles of yoga with a bunch of new time options, new cycle class times, Zumba is back, new CrossFit class times and a brand new Swimming Lesson program. 

The 3rd Annual 307 Throwdown was a blast. We attracted 30 teams from all over the Rocky Mountain region and as far as Bozeman, MT to compete in a 2 day fitness competition. The highlights were definitely the outdoor obstacle course and the tug-o-war tournament. If you're interested, we have photos and videos on our facebook page. The top finishers were a team from Montana, a team from our gym, and a team from Denver.

Going forward, we have quite a bit planned for this year! All of this is subject to change. Our plans include new tile on the coed jacuzzi and maintenance on the men's and women's jacuzzis, replace some carpet and add some aesthetic features around the club. We are excited for the launch of a new referral program coming soon. We've also just received a big order of new apparel including sweats, more T's and hoodies, hopefully you were lucky enough to get some before your sizes were gone!

The New Year is always time for New Year's resolutions and starting over.  With yoga we try to dive deeper into this and get to know ourselves on a greater level.  This year, instead of just a resolution, how about writing a Sankalpa? The Sanskrit word Sankalpa means: will, purpose or determination.   It asks us to take a more meaningful look at why we are setting these intentions in the first place.  As an example, if your New Years resolution is to lose 5 lbs., you may vow to stop eating so poorly.  But would you explore the thoughts or feeling behind why you eat this way in the first place?  This is the purpose of a Sankalpa. Perhaps, you notice that you eat poorly when you’re short on time or when you are in a bad mood.  So, then you would set an intention to manage your time better or to notice when you are having negative feelings. When setting your Sankalpa this year, try to allow a few days to set aside time to journal on your resolutions.  Look at them deeper and notice how you feel and how you want to feel in this up and coming year.  Remember when setting your Sankalpa, be firm yet kind and reasonable.   If you slip up along the way this year remember that the road of life is full of bumps, and that’s what creates the journey.  Just keep on practicing.