FAQ: What is the difference between Indoor Cycling and Group Ride?


Group Ride is a 50-55 minute class that consists of 10 songs.  The structure of Group Ride is similar to that of Group Power and Group Fight—each song has a specific objective and the “set-up” never varies, though the music and tempo might. The entire workout makes use of different terrains, speeds and intensity levels to create a fun and highly effective interval workout.  You will train a variety of speeds, resistance levels, and cycling positions that are all based on cycling principles.

Indoor cycling classes typically run 60 minutes and each class is designed by the instructor; making it a “Freestyle” format.  The workout and music change each class, and the design of each class is based on the instructor’s experience, preference or their set objective for the workout. There can be more variety in an Indoor Cycling class, giving it a “what’s around the next corner” appeal.  

*NO matter what class you end up choosing, you can’t go wrong!  Our Cycling staff is AMAZING!  We would encourage you to try several different instructors to find the one you connect with best.  

*If it’s your first time, arrive 5 minutes early so the instructor can give you a PROPER fitting to the bike.  It will ensure your hour is more enjoyable. 

Whether it’s Group Ride or Indoor Cycling, know that all classes are designed to please both men and women-- New exercisers or avid cyclists--Anyone looking to vary their workouts-- And anyone looking for a low-impact option to build their cardio fitness.