What would you do if..?


..if you could go back 5 years and tell yourself one thing about your personal fitness. What would you say? Would you tell yourself to keep doing what you're doing because it'll work out? Will you tell yourself to go ahead and try that yoga class or that group power class or jump right into CrossFit because it will change how you think about fitness forever? Will you tell yourself to slow down a bit and start to enjoy the workouts? Maybe you would advise yourself of all the diets you tried but didn't benefit from.

It's interesting how much we think we know about fitness and nutrition only to have it all changed when we read a new article or watch a new show on tv hyping the new trend. If you've been around the fitness world as much as we have, you'll know that there is one certainty when it comes to fitness. There is only one thing that has stood the test of time and is possibly the most obvious truth when it comes to attaining your fitness goals, achieving the body you desire or getting your health in check. It's not easy and it takes hard work over a long period of time. You get out what you put in. No matter the method, if you stay consistent and always push yourself progressively harder each day, you will eventually get to where you want to be.

Don't give up. Keep grinding.Your dreams will come true.

FAQ: What is the difference between Indoor Cycling and Group Ride?


Group Ride is a 50-55 minute class that consists of 10 songs.  The structure of Group Ride is similar to that of Group Power and Group Fight—each song has a specific objective and the “set-up” never varies, though the music and tempo might. The entire workout makes use of different terrains, speeds and intensity levels to create a fun and highly effective interval workout.  You will train a variety of speeds, resistance levels, and cycling positions that are all based on cycling principles.

Indoor cycling classes typically run 60 minutes and each class is designed by the instructor; making it a “Freestyle” format.  The workout and music change each class, and the design of each class is based on the instructor’s experience, preference or their set objective for the workout. There can be more variety in an Indoor Cycling class, giving it a “what’s around the next corner” appeal.  

*NO matter what class you end up choosing, you can’t go wrong!  Our Cycling staff is AMAZING!  We would encourage you to try several different instructors to find the one you connect with best.  

*If it’s your first time, arrive 5 minutes early so the instructor can give you a PROPER fitting to the bike.  It will ensure your hour is more enjoyable. 

Whether it’s Group Ride or Indoor Cycling, know that all classes are designed to please both men and women-- New exercisers or avid cyclists--Anyone looking to vary their workouts-- And anyone looking for a low-impact option to build their cardio fitness.


307 Athlete Development Pyramid

At The 307 Athlete Academy, we believe young athletes are most effectively developed in the same way our athlete pyramid is structured. The 5 building blocks of our pyramid are, from base to crown, Attitude, Nutrition, Strength, Conditioning, and Sport.

Modern youth athletics have not only flipped the pyramid on its head, they’ve erased parts of it completely. Strength and Conditioning are disregarded almost entirely as an effective means for developing an athlete. Nutrition is either ignored or downright wrong, Sport is the only focus. How many children do you know in youth athletics that are also actively involved in a safe, effective (read not your average PE class) Strength and Conditioning program? The major focus now for kids is Sport, Sport, Sport, run after practice.

If you really want to be terrified, look up the major injury rates (concussion, growth plate fractures, ACL tears etc.) in youth sports. USA Today published an article in 2013 that said 1.35 million youth a year experience serious injuries while playing sports. We at The 307 Athlete Academy believe that this staggering number is due to young athletes not being developed in an appropriate manner so that their bodies can handle the strain of sport. Our mission is to build athletes according to our Athlete Development Pyramid, and give them not only a safer experience within their sport, but give them a chance to be better athletes than they would have ever imagined being otherwise.

The Crown of our Pyramid is Sport, meaning the sport(s) the athlete is playing, sport specific skills, etc. For most young athletes, practicing Sport is the only thing they are doing within this entire pyramid to develop themselves. 307 Athlete Academy coaches think of Sport as the frosting on the cake, the cherry on top. Sport skills are obviously important, but they are NOT the foundation of a great athlete.

Strength and Conditioning are two separate entities that we believe are of equal importance to an athlete. We develop Strength through weight lifting, plyometrics, odd object/strongman tools, sprinting, and more. We use the same tools plus some to Condition our athletes, and produce much greater results than standard school strength and conditioning programs. Our program is more effective than most in preventing injury because we strengthen our athletes in all planes of movement with functional, full range of motion movements to prepare them for the demands of sport.

The most important physical aspect of an athlete’s development, and the most overlooked within modern youth athletics, is Nutrition. You CANNOT out-work a bad diet. Processed, high glycemic carbohydrate foods and garbage sugary sports drinks have invaded sports. Contrary to popular belief, Gatorade is NOT good for you. In fact, recent studies have shown that drinking BEER post workout is healthier than drinking a sugary sports drink. And you can bet your last dollar we won’t be recommending our young athletes drink beer after a workout. The best nutritional recommendation we can make to our young athletes is to eat REAL food. Meat, poultry, eggs, fish, and vegetables. Healthy fat is very important, animal fat, coconut oil, olives, olive oil, and avocados. Starchy vegetables(roots, tubers, bulbs). Some fruit, but not much. Avoid grains, as they can lead to inflammation in the intestines and more serious issues. If a caveman didn’t have access to it, don’t eat it.  Young, developing athletes don’t need restriction on amount of food per day, so long as they eat according to these standards.

Everything we have talked about so far leads to the development of an exemplary physical specimen. A kid who has a rock solid nutritional base will fuel their strength and conditioning, in turn making them stronger and faster on the field or the court within their chosen sport(s). An athlete made up of these building blocks has everything physically they need to succeed, but the true marker of GREAT athletes is found deeper, in their Attitude. Integrity, Perseverance, Work Ethic, Loyalty, Communication, Leadership, Humility, Coachability, and Positivity are all traits of an athlete with a great Attitude. The 307 Athlete Academy is full of coaches that embody these traits and want to teach young athletes how to live by them, on and off the field. We want to craft kids into amazing athletes AND extraordinary human beings. And we know that the key to success in sport, and in life, lies in the Attitude.

Youth Sports Injuries

Beer VS Gatorade

Nutrition Wisdom

Happy New Year!

A look back, and a look ahead.

Quite a bit of change has happened at LifeTime over the past year. Some behind the scenes remodeling, a refinish on the parking lot, new coaches and instructors in all departments, and brand new pools - were the highlights. Both pools were given a complete remodel which consisted of new stainless steel gutters, new liners and new filters. The pool room was given a new HVAC system and a new concrete overlay on the decks. We hope you're happy with the finished product!

We've added a ton of new programs all across the board: New styles of yoga with a bunch of new time options, new cycle class times, Zumba is back, new CrossFit class times and a brand new Swimming Lesson program. 

The 3rd Annual 307 Throwdown was a blast. We attracted 30 teams from all over the Rocky Mountain region and as far as Bozeman, MT to compete in a 2 day fitness competition. The highlights were definitely the outdoor obstacle course and the tug-o-war tournament. If you're interested, we have photos and videos on our facebook page. The top finishers were a team from Montana, a team from our gym, and a team from Denver.

Going forward, we have quite a bit planned for this year! All of this is subject to change. Our plans include new tile on the coed jacuzzi and maintenance on the men's and women's jacuzzis, replace some carpet and add some aesthetic features around the club. We are excited for the launch of a new referral program coming soon. We've also just received a big order of new apparel including sweats, more T's and hoodies, hopefully you were lucky enough to get some before your sizes were gone!

The New Year is always time for New Year's resolutions and starting over.  With yoga we try to dive deeper into this and get to know ourselves on a greater level.  This year, instead of just a resolution, how about writing a Sankalpa? The Sanskrit word Sankalpa means: will, purpose or determination.   It asks us to take a more meaningful look at why we are setting these intentions in the first place.  As an example, if your New Years resolution is to lose 5 lbs., you may vow to stop eating so poorly.  But would you explore the thoughts or feeling behind why you eat this way in the first place?  This is the purpose of a Sankalpa. Perhaps, you notice that you eat poorly when you’re short on time or when you are in a bad mood.  So, then you would set an intention to manage your time better or to notice when you are having negative feelings. When setting your Sankalpa this year, try to allow a few days to set aside time to journal on your resolutions.  Look at them deeper and notice how you feel and how you want to feel in this up and coming year.  Remember when setting your Sankalpa, be firm yet kind and reasonable.   If you slip up along the way this year remember that the road of life is full of bumps, and that’s what creates the journey.  Just keep on practicing.